Our Story

At TrosKit, we pride ourselves on being a unique family and team of experts that strive to provide customers in Ghana and around the world with a seamless shopping experience.

Customers away from home or living abroad can shop for goods and services, and be sure that TrosKit will deliver your goods and products in Ghana SAFELY, ON TIME, and provide the highest QUALITY of services.

Let Us Serve You


Away from home, or living abroad and needing to shop for your loved ones, family, or business? Check out our hot deals and wide range of quality products and TrosKit will deliver your products safely and on time.

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Build with “Peace of Mind. Whether it is a home or commercial space, TrosKit has highly qualified experts ready to work on your building projects. what are you waiting for? Take a look at TrosKit Services and let us help you.

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Troskit knows how crucial transportation is to our customers. That’s why we created ‘’Troskit Auto’’. In partnership with our suppliers in Ghana and globally, Troskit provides customers with car parts both locally and import parts from abroad that cannot be found on the Ghanaian market. All at affordable prices. Our goal is to level the playing field as far as quality and pricing is concerned. And to ensure that cars are not left at repair shops, due to the lack of parts or high prices.

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