• Size: 215/45R17
  • Style: Blackwall
  • Load Range: XL
  • Serv. Desc: 91Y

The Potenza Sport is Bridgestone’s Max Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of ultra high performance sports cars, coupes and sedans who want to maximize their driving experience in warm, wet and dry conditions. Like all Max Performance Summer tires, the Potenza Sport is not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near-and below- freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Bridgestone Ptenza Sport Callouts

The Potenza Sport utilizes large, uninterrupted circumferential ribs for enhanced longitudinal grip and broad, outboard shoulder blocks for increased cornering traction and lateral stability. The next-generation tread compound provides reinforcement and improved block stiffness which promotes responsive steering and high speed handling. Additionally, the enhanced compound focuses on advancing wet traction and stability for capable wet performance. The specially engineered pattern geometry ensures even contact patch pressure while promoting water evacuation for even wear and hydroplaning resistance. Tuned tread block sequencing and lateral notches help minimize tread harmonics for a comfortable ride and low road noise.

The internal construction of the Potenza Sport features a single polyester casing mated to twin steel belts which are reinforced by a robust aramid-nylon cap ply.

Note: Tires exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C) or lower must be permitted to gradually return to temperatures of at least 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) for at least 24 hours before they are flexed in any manner, such as by adjusting inflation pressures, mounting them on wheels or using them to support, roll or drive a vehicle.