OLLY Miss Mellow – Supports a Balanced Mood



OLLY Miss Mellow – Supports a Balanced Mood – 30 Capsules

How It Works

Miss Mellow delivers a powerful blend of botanical extracts to support women’s natural hormone cycles throughout the month.

Your cycle’s new BFF. These hardworking heroines help reduce irritability and mood changes caused by normal hormonal shifts so you can feel steady—and more like yourself—all month long.*

  • 30 Capsules | 30-day Supply
  • A blend of Chasteberry, Isoflavones & Dong Quai


Smooth operator. This coveted little fruit can help dial down irritability and mood swings.


This natural plant chemical has powerful properties that help keep hormones in check during PMS.


Rooting for this one. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, extract from this cherished root supports healthy hormone balance.